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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prayer Warriors - Defining Moment Series

The Defining Moments blogs are about the true definition of our family. The modern day Job events may define to a point, but that's not all there is!

I can't remember how many times I've wanted or needed my dad for some reason when I was growing up, & I would find him on his knees in prayer in his bedroom or office at the church. Sometimes he would be at the altar or pew in the auditorium, or kneeling against his favorite chair in our living room. (He never turned me away if I needed him, he would just patiently welcome me, & then continue praying after he helped me. :)
Taking time to pray was a very specific act of my dad & mom both. They prayed at my bedside when I was sick, or when my dog was killed, or my brothers left for college,  among countless other times. Placing their loved ones into God's hands was, & still is, a constant act for them.

I will never forget the many times my dad prayed for me when I was sick, with his hand on my hand, or maybe my head. He would come over to my house & do the same for my kids when he lived close enough.
I will never forget my dad gathering all the family around in the bedroom at my brother Tim's house & we poured our hearts out to God to ease my brother Steve's suffering & heal him.
Every trip we took started with prayer.
I remember being along on visitations with my parents & they always prayed with the ones they were visiting.
I remember how often they prayed with their pastor friends.
I remember countless times they praised God for who He was.
I remember well how they thanked Him for each of their grandbabies.
They continue to pray without ceasing.

I am increasingly grateful for my parents example & legacy. I love the memories they gave me & I love how they sought out God & showed our family how God was the center of everything in our lives.
I see that the seeds they've sown is carrying on. My brothers & sisters-n-law have prayed with us & for us often. It doesn't matter if it's over the phone or through an email, they take the time to pray. Nieces & nephews offer their prayer often. Alan initiates prayer together every night. Nate has prayed at every opportunity since he was small, no matter how many people were around or whether he knew them or not. I will always treasure my little boy praying multiple times daily for his Uncle Mark to get better, & any other concerns at the time.

So, today I am grateful for prayer being part of our story. When we pray about Joel's cancer, my dad's dementia, my husband's job, etc.. I want to remember that we are not just undergoing trials - we are becoming prayer warriors.

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