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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday Night Light (a light reflection at the end of the day :)

I remember thinking my brothers' antics were the funniest thing. Between the 5 of them, there was entertainment everyday. One Sunday dinner, for instance, Tim asked someone to pass him the bread. On the opposite end of the table, Steve picked up a piece of bread and passed it to him - like a frisbee.
I laughed, in part, because Steve did it so casually, as if it were completely normal to send food through the air, and partly because Tim caught the 'pass' without missing a beat & proceeded to eat it. 
There is no way I could have got by with that, but the boys were older (at least out of high school) and didn't really get in 'trouble' anymore, so all my mom said was, "I raised you to have better manners than that!", or something to that affect.   I remember Steve's grin at my mom's exasperated sigh. Those unplanned antics are the memories that have been coming back to me a lot lately........

When I was young, I told my mom often that I wanted a bunch of boys, just like she had. What could be more fun? (My life long plan was to have at least 4 boys and twin girls - God had other plans, though. Funny how I thought I would have so much more control of my life :).
When I would tell my mom about the houseful of boys I was going to have, she would smile, but it wasn't quite as enthusiastic as you would expect. Probably because it was usually when I was laughing at the boys when she thought they were being impolite. She would fondly reply, "Oh yes, it's fun!", but she would also shake her head a little, with a sigh and look I didn't recognize yet, and say something about being so busy with 'all those naughty little boys', or how she didn't understand how they didn't remember what they were taught.  I now recognize that look!

I am as thrilled as can be to have 3 boys (and it's close to my plan of 4!), plus a bunch of 'adopted' boys, but,  boys are exhausting! Do mothers of girls say the same thing? My daughter is very easy to work with, but maybe that's because she is not in a pack that has the majority of the house...

Being a mom has changed me and I no longer see actions, like tossing bread, nearly as fun as I used to! Now, it's my sons!  I am the one who's responsible for training them. When they were younger, I could smile at things like that, because they still had time for all of the things I taught them to show through. But, now they are teens, and time is running out! If they haven't learned from me by now, I don't know what it will take!
I have to say, I tend to feel more concern than enjoyment when my teen boys can't make a simple car ride to church without doing some sort of bodily harm to each other!
Or, make it through a church service without creating some type of torture,  making it so that the one being afflicted has to deal with the pain without reacting.
My boys think being loud is a must, and licking ketchup off their plates should be normal.
The more sarcastic they can be with each other and friends, is better, they believe, even when it's hardly sarcasm anymore, but just downright mean.
They find it necessary to run through the house and they wrestle no matter if the one they are picking on is already occupied by doing dishes or homework. 
They put food in the microwave with no plate or napkin, even though they always have the job of cleaning the microwave as a consequence.
Scaring me and telling inappropriate jokes never get old to them.
They jump to hit every ceiling and doorway in the house, and if it smudges, they don't see a problem. It just proves to their other brothers that they could reach it.
They are too tough for warm clothes.
They think they know more than me.
They tell me I worry too much about the little things, like, showers, brushing teeth and cleaning. How could anyone worry too much about that?

That list could be longer - it is by no means extensive! Where did all my teaching, training, and praying go???!!  I honestly taught them manners, kindness, cleanliness, and respect. I promise!   *big sigh*

I'm so glad I got to see my mom wonder if her boys would ever remember all they were taught, now that I am on the other side of it.  When I remember that, it helps me to enjoy my boys being boys with a little less mother concern, because it turns out my mom didn't need to worry - her boys had learned from her training, listened to her words of wisdom and proved that they were responsible men with manners when it became necessary.
If my boys turn out like their uncles, they will be just fine :)   I guess it just means that they are not going to show it a minute before they have to.  :)

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