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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Defining Moments of our Story (Introduction)

If you know much of our story, ( by 'our', I mean the Prairie family, including the spouses of Jerry & Audrey's descendants), you know that we have often been told we were living a 'Modern Day Job Story'.
I don't mind being defined, to an extent, by the trials in our lives and I hope and pray that God uses these events in our lives to be an instrument of growth for us, and help to others.
But, as I think about the many, varied trials, I realize that they can almost drown out the beautiful, golden moments that are also part of our story. 

So, I am starting a series called Defining Moments that expresses the moments that have happened in our family that is truly what defines us and shows joy that has come in the morning, as God promises (Ps. 30:5).
I may add some stories that share the trial that preceded the Defining Moment for the sake of explanation, but mainly I want to have a venue for remembering the outstanding moments during our times of sorrow. I want to praise God for the outcome of our trials and the things He has done through them. Those are what define us most.

Testing and trials may always have a part in our definition, and there are many stories of what has been learned through those. This other part should not be overlooked, though, because they are what shows the moments after the refiners fire.  They are what has kept our love for each other strong. They are what shows God's presence in our lives and they are what shows us glimpses of heaven.  They are God's gift to us. They are our true Defining Moments.....

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  1. Sounds lovely. Looking forward to reading. I so love your family. xo